Boreal Offshore was established in 2006 by General Manager Yngvar Hansen. With a depressed market for the local fishing industry of Skjervøy, Hansen got an ambition to continue this business in a new direction. Hansen attended many conferences in the oil and gas industry in Norway and saw an opportunity for a company focusing on hiring employees to the oil and gas industry, where there was a significant shortage of competent people with mechanical background. To start the new company Boreal Offshore took with them 25 skilled and dedicated welders and mechanics from the old Skjervøy shipyard. During the establishment of Melkøya, Boreal Offshore hired workers out to Statoil. At a peak, there were 50 employees working at Melkøya. The company also had a contract with Sydvaranger Gruve and supplied approx. 70 employees for welding and mechanical projects.

During the establishment of Boreal Offshore AS, Tschudi Shipping Company was invited to participate as main shareholder. They believed in Hansen's idea and the team he brought with him. In addition, Arvid Jensen oil specialist and Board Member of Network Suppliers. Petro Arctic in Hammerfest also invested in Boreal Offshore. In addition to financial support, investors could also offer knowledge and expertise. These were important factors for the company's success.

Boreal Maritime is a 100% subsidiary of Boreal Offshore and was established the same year. Initially, the company purchased three old car ferries that were converted into service boats Sea Service I, Sea Service II and Sea Service III.

In 2010 Boreal Offshore was the gazelle company winner in Troms.