Hopp til hovedmenyen på siden Hopp til hovedinnholdet på siden

Rescue drill

Today, a rescue drill was carried out under the direction of captain Rudolfs Virga. The crew was given training in how to put on survival suits, evacuation of the vessel and how to get into the life raft the easiest way.

The captain gave instruction on how to attract attention and how to stay together in the water. When the raft was inflated at sea, the accompanying equipment was tested and explained how to use.

The exercise was successful and there was good knowledge of safety and evacuation among all employees.


Mission Bukhta Naedznik

We are in Tromsø on a mission for Ardent global, which is currently working to raise the Russian trawler Bukhta Naedznik, which sank at the quay in Breivika. We assist with our Oil Protection Boats "Runa" and "Tor Arne" who are in a 24-hour emergency preparedness in cooperation with the Norwegian Coastal Administration. 


Testing new containers

We are currently developing a new type of aluminium container for the aquaculture industry. The containers are to be used for carrying and storing nets. 

Here is a prototype that are being tested by Nofi on Skjervøy. 


Loading and transporting nets for Lerøy

We have lifted up seven nets at Sessøya for Lerøy and transported them to Nofi at Skjervøy where they will be on service. We used both MS Runa and MS Tor Arne in this mission.