Welcome to Boreal Offshore AS and Boreal Maritim AS

The Boreal Group consists of the two sister companies Boreal Offshore AS and Boreal Maritim AS.

The main office for both companies is in the village of Skjervøy, Nord-Troms in the Skjervøy municipality.

The companies offer various services to both the oil and gas industry and the aquaculture industry in Northern Norway. In addition, building and repairing wooden quays as well as the production of aluminium and steel boxes and containers. Boreal Offshore AS owns a workshop at Skjervøy where production and various mechanical tasks are carried out.

Boreal Maritim AS owns and operates two versatile boats "MS Runa" and "MS Tor Arne". These are employed as service vessels, emergency boats, tugs and supply vessels.

Publisert | Oppdatert 01. December 2020